Fit Appeal Ltd.

We are possionate about fitness & fashion!

Fit Appeal sets the standard for stunning, high quality, female fitness fashion in Trinidad and Tobago. We were the first to introduce such distinguishing styles for the female fitness enthusiast with a wide range of designs to suit multiple shapes, sizes and personalities! Since 2014 we've been inspiring women to break out of the mundane, expected and limited fitness fashion available and dive into styles that celebrate their fitness journey through high quality, distinctive athleisure, yoga and gym wear!

From young to mature ladies, single to fit mommies, athletes to yogis, gym junkies to outdoor beauties our fabulous styles from well-established brands in Brazil and Colombia will motivate you to get up and work out! We guarantee that you will add a whole new dimension of life to your fitness passion just through our fitness fashion!

Our Promise

To you the contemporary woman who loves your body and your lifestyle...we promise
High Quality...Always!
Authenticity is important to us, and as such all brands that are imported are purchased and tested for quality and comfort during workouts before adding to our brand portfolio.
You Will Feel Great!
All our outfits are tailored to provide you with the perfect fit, comfort, quality and style using a range of technological fabrics that make your workouts even more awesome!
You Will Look Awesome!
We constantly follow industry trends and new materials. All pieces in our collections bring novelties to ensure we compliment that body you have sacrificed and worked so hard for